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Originally Posted by rai View Post
As for the MDM that (IMO) is totally in the technology package to get people to buy technology package. There is a button for the stability control that could be off/no or MDM.--------------- unless maybe MDM requires EDC (for example) to function which does not seem to be the case since wouldn't they it have been said that way?
Yeah, that's how DSC is on the 3 series. You can click it once to go into DTC mode which is the less intrusive version of DSC. Its probably not as good or "hands-off" as MDM mode but its a similar idea. Then, if you hold the button down for a few seconds, DSC is disabled entirely. No reason they could not have done that same type of thing for the M3.

I'm pretty sure EDC is not required for MDM mode because I am believe you can option an M3 without EDC but with MDrive in Europe and elsewhere. I think there's even a forum member with a car like that. Nice thing about MDM is that potentially it could be unlocked via aftermarket solution. Sport-Plus throttle too probably, and maybe even the Sport steering. The only problem to solve would be the interface to enable them. Could be adding a new button (something for the empty spots below the radio) or somehow use an existing one. With a little more ingenuity, an aftermarket MDrive equivalent could even be created I think. This would probably take a lot of R&D though and might end up costing too much to be worthwhile.

But for CA, it'd be nearly impossible to add after the fact. Even if you could somehow get all the right parts, installing them would be a major, major undertaking and certainly be cost prohibitive.
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