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Originally Posted by rai View Post
good points, but with computers with ordering and manufacturing these days (IMO) it's not a bad thing to have more choices such as Mini where everything is an option but can also be in a money saving package.

I do not see how having CA being an option by itself is any different than having EDC or heated seats be an option. I mean it's one thing. How hard can it be to have one more choice?

As for the MDM that (IMO) is totally in the technology package to get people to buy technology package. There is a button for the stability control that could be off/no or MDM.--------------- unless maybe MDM requires EDC (for example) to function which does not seem to be the case since wouldn't they it have been said that way?

I will say, technology package is a good value meaning if you are willing to say CA + MDM + M-button (together) are worth $1K and EDC is worth $1K that's $2K making i-drive and navi cost just $1250 which is a good deal assuming you don't mind i-drive and nav.

I am not against or for i-drive. I guess it's something I will live with or something I will love but the idea that I HAVE to buy i-drive to get CA just doesn't make any sense. IMO with the key + push-button (two steps) if you don't have CA it just seems that something like CA should not cost a bit to make (since the hardware start button is already there) so IMO the M-car should have CA standard if anything.

I understand if it's an option that's more profit for BMW but it does seem the 'low price' of the base is not realistic for most people so we are seeing $70K M3s more common than anything else.

My point being psychologically if we are now getting Tech package (almost forced option) and most people will get leather + trim upgrade so premium package is going to be very common and the way the base stereo lesser than the L7 in the 335i many will get premuim sound since it's $66K so what's another $1900?
I agree that tech package is almost a forced option. CA and M dynamic mode should be available seperately. dynamic mode should be stock too. whats so hard about having TC setting for off/on/m dynamic mode. Makes no sense to me.