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Originally Posted by rai View Post
these two answers are quite evasive, I mean he should just say they want to pump the price.
That rationale doesn't fully explain it to me. They could easily make both Navigation and EDC only available as part of ZTP also if they really wanted to force more people to get the package. In fact, I would venture to guess that a large percentage of non-ZTP cars will still include EDC. If I am right then this means that they could possibly have upsold many of these buyers to ZTP by not allowing EDC as an ad hoc option. The same applies to Nav, but to a much smaller number of customers probably. But in those few cases though, the upsell would have likely been quite easy since Nav is already over half the cost of ZTP anyway.

I think the main reason that stand-alone CA is not available is that BMW NA thinks that few people without ZTP would want it. Its possible that they even have survey data to back this up. And if no one orders it - then why clutter up the options list? Its similar to how headlight washers are not available standalone. Probably almost no one would order it that way. But in this case I really would order stand alone CA and I suspect there are quite a few of those 25-30% that Larry mentions who don't want iDrive that would actually like to have CA also. Hopefully enough of us complain to get them to change their minds.
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