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Thanks that was moderately interesting (would have been better to have an M3 engineer answer most questions).

"The E92 seat has at least 6-8 motors in it, making it quite a heavy seat. The front seats alone may add 100lbs to the E92."

Woa. One mod that comes to mind is to lock the seats in your prefered position then remove the motors. I am sure these motors are quite heavy. Anyone else thought the same ?

"BUTT ugly orange reflectors?" I ACTUALLY LIKE the position of these reflectors they add dimension to the 3/4 front.

" Do you know about the issue with the sale of a M3 on Ebay from the dealer in Lincoln, NE? Any comments?
He knows all about it. BMW USA was very involved. Bottom Line, he said customer was having problem getting financing and was trying to get the dealer to drop the price below what was agreed to on Ebay"

that is BS, I am sure that dealer tried to get more money from financing when he could not walk out of the binding auction deal.