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Originally Posted by MysticBlue View Post
8. What is the actual shift time of M-DCT in S6 mode (in milliseconds)?
They don't give them a time, however it's so instantaneous that they had to build some feel into it so it didn't feel like a CVT transmission. "It just goes, it's so fast"
That's probably about the best answer you're gonna get. With two input shafts and two clutches, during a shift, one clutch is engaging before the other one is disengaged. To quote a "shift time" you would have to define what is the beginning and what is the end. In the world of double input shaft and double clutch, that is a grey area and tough to define. By some definitions, it could be said the shift time is zero. If you define it by the time it takes to go from clutch fully engaged to clutch fully engaged, then the number will be smaller than the SMG or any conventional manual, which is great, but that doesn't give the DCT the full credit it deserves for the fact that no matter how small the number is for an SMG, there is some amount of time where there is zero torque being applied. With the DCT that never happens... there is never a point where there is zero torque. So just comparing some definition of shift time in milliseconds, even though the DCT will definitely compare favorably, doesn't give it the full credit it deserves.
So you say there should be no information on the real shift times because that gave the DCT not enough credit?

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