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Thank you skierman!

Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
4. Can we please get Comfort Access as a separate option for non ZTP cars? MY2009?
Probably not
But why Larry (since I know you or someone who works for you are reading)??

I just want a non-ZTP with CA. I love CA. My wife has CA and I find it invaluable when carrying my baby boy to the car. Please Larry, let me buy my M3 the way I want it. Yeah, yeah, you know it - you know I'll order ZTP just to get CA, damnit. But come on. You let people order EDC without ZTP. You let people order Navigation without ZTP. Why no CA? I just don't understand.

5. Any chance MDM will be available as either a new standard feature, or a stand-alone option?
He can't put in the car without I-drive. If he makes I-drive standard then there's a big jump in price and then he's got a whole stack of people who complain they don't want I-drive in the car and they won't buy it. He has 25 or 30% of the people won't buy the car with I-drive so he won't make it standard.
But don't you see? Those same people who don't want I-Drive, still do want CA. CA is like butta - I mean it just works, and it will continue to just work. It's basically what every car will have within the next 10 years.

I don't understand why you won't allow us to check the CA box for an M3? It 's no R&D, it's no new development. It's merely allowing an option combination that's already allowed elsewhere all over the planet.

12. Why did the US M3s get different seat bottoms than in EU? Can the Euro seat bottoms be retrofitted on the US version seat.
Because the US gets different airbags than the rest of the world. The US airbags are multi-stage airbags that deploy at different speeds depending on the amount of weight sensed on the seat. The DOT rule for the airbags is OC3-MAT. The EU airbags don't require the same type of seat sensor. If you replaced the US seat bottom with a EU seat bottom you take a chance at messing up your airbag sensor and possibly your airbag deployment.
Called it!!

Ok, ok, to be fair I was talking about side air bags. But I was on the right track
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