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Originally Posted by rawedge2 View Post
i found out that

1 new tire costs between $425-475
and cannot be repaired because of its speed rating
... the integrity of the tire and ZR rating??

no matter how new.. like 1300 miles...

i had another tire guy tell me there is a patch they could use that is better than a plug...
but BMW responded to me to buy their wheel and tire insurance warranty package b/c it would need to be replaced with a new tire, it cannot be fixed...

anyone have any input on the subject..? what you would do if you happen to pick one up??
are you planning on drive at 150+mph for an extended period of time?
probably not... it's BS, patch it. i've always had my Z rated tire patched.
it's the same with RFTs..... they want to sell you a new tire.. and absolve themselves of any responsibility.... they play off fear... and it is dishonest.