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Originally Posted by AwesomeM3 View Post
Thanks, yes, your info helps. My dealer told me the exact same thing that is in bold typeface above. He said they weren't allowed to do the service BEFORE the iDrive system indicated it upon startup of the M3 (it gives you a service message in the odometer section). Funny how different dealers tell you different things...agreed, very annoying!
Just MY thinking.... What concerned me was that not every M3 has sent this teleservice message to all M3 owners. In other words, this does not seem to be a standard procedure done by all M3's. If what we experieced was normal, don't you think every M3 out there would get this teleservice message? I've spoken to a lot of guys, and they said the only indication they got to service their engine was when an actual service light came on at around 1200. So maybe your car actually does need to be serviced, but becuase of dealer regulations to save them money, they are telling you to wait until 1200. Some dealers are better with, and care about their customers more than others. I hope they are not telling you to wait just so they can save a few bucks. If BMW dealerships are not "allowed" to service before 1200, then why did mine do it? Mind you, I did buy mine through a friend. Maybe he was looking out for me. Who knows? The only reason they say they are not allowed to service before 1200 is for money reasons in terms of them being being reimbursed by BMW. Just something to think about.

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