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Originally Posted by AwesomeM3 View Post
Possibly, but the iDrive system is telling me I have 600 miles until my 1200 mile service. I think the teleservice might be "preprogrammed", and not based on actual usage and mileage. Just my opinion though, I don't have any facts to base that on.
New info. Dude...this is why I f'in hate dealerships. They all have something different to say. So I called 2 local dealserships outside of my own and I got 2 different answers. I became worried as to whether I took mine in too soon, so I said what the hell. One dealer said I did the right thing in taking it in and that BMW wouldn't have serviced my car so soon if it really didn't need it becuase it would be costing them more money to do so. The other dealership I called said that I COULD have waited and personally would have had me wait until about 1100-1200, but by taking it in sooner I have done no harm to the engine because every M3 engine IS different. He also said that they were not "allowed" to do service on an M3 earlier than 1100-1200 because BMW would not reimburse them, which goes to show how dealerships are only really concerned about themselves. So I guess my service came out of my dealerships pocket??? Either way, the only thing I was concerned about is if it did any harm to my engine by taking it in a bit early, and he said NO. Different opinions from different dealerships doesn't make our live easier. Kinda annoying if you ask me. Hope this helps.