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Originally Posted by Kiwirobbie View Post
I make about 100k plus 5 weeks annual leave, full medical, free educational for my kids plus my wife makes about 75k and we can only afford a 318d, tax in Norway is a killer.
Nice.. what exactly do you do?? And around what total % is taken in taxes??
Trying to figure out where I want to move..

lets see.. I'm still a kid so I wont be making as much as all of you..
(This would be if I actually traded like I'm supposed to)
6 trades a week @ 12k a trade, 3-5% profit a trade. $360-600 a trade, $2,160-3,600 a week if I don't have any losses, not including commissions. So thats $8,640-14,400 a month, $103,680-172,800 a year. (Once again, without having any losses @ 3-5% profit a trade, not including commissions or taxes.)
576-960% profit a year, starting with $18.5k in your account. This is continuing to use 6 $12k trades a week for an entire year, not increasing your profits exponentially as your balance increases. This also does not take into account that once your balance is above $25k, you can day trade all you want.

Wow.. -___-
I had to remove this in an edit, check it, and then re-post it to make sure that it was actually correct..

Work Schedule:
Mon-Fri, 9:30am-4:00pm. Sat-Sun off. A 6.5 hour work day, 32.5 hours a week. (That's if you feel the need to sit there and watch your investment all day long)
If you did feel the need to watch your stock all day long, you could watch t.v., play video games, listen to music, work out, and etc. all while you sit there. If you used a laptop in the house you could cook, take care of children, chill on the porch, etc.. If you have a laptop with an aircard, then you could travel the world for the rest of your life..

This sounds like the perfect job to me..
Mon-Fri, weekends off, no deadlines or bosses, you can take a vacation whenever you want.

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