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Originally Posted by AwesomeM3 View Post
I know there have been tons of threads on this topic, but I did a and didn't see any that pertain to this:

I got a call from my BMW dealer today telling my they received a teleservices message from my car indicating it is ready for the 1200 mile service, but I only have 700 miles, and the car is telling me I have 600 more miles to go. I'm wondering if the teleservices message was based on time rather than mileage (I have had the car for exactly 4 weeks now). Should I have the service done now, or wait until I reach 1200-1300 miles?

The service cocnsist of:
standard service
oil service
intake silencer (what the heck is that?)
service run-in check
manual transmission drive unit
micro filter (for the A/C?)

By the way, the parts department told me the warehouse has plenty of the M3 oil filters, so the backorder problem shouldn't be an issue now.
The EXACT same thing happened to me AT 710, and I took it in! I talked to the mechanic at the dealership AND I also spoke with BMW NA and they both said that each car is different and that some services on some cars are needed earlier than others. This 1200 mile number is only an estimate as to when your car should be serviced. If it's asking for it now, I'd say take it in. It's your car and ultimately it's your decision, but I myself didn't want to risk any damage to the engine. Keep in mind....IT'S UNDER FULL WARRANTY!