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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
Was the US (and UK, Australia, Germany, France, Israel, Poland, etc...) deceived into believing Iraq retained stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons? Yes, it is pretty clear that we were and it is just as clear that the deception was intentional on the part of Iraq.

The question is, so what? Iraq was still in breach of their obligations under the cease fire agreements (the deception itself was a violation) and that breach justified the resumption of hostilities.

I am continually amazed how many only want to discuss the past as it relates to Iraq. What about the present and the future?

The case has been made repeatedly as to what our objective is in Iraq and how that will benefit us, Iraq, and the region. It is about time those who want us to surrender put up.

Would the US be better off if we pulled our troops out of Iraq immediately? If so, how?

Would Iraq be better of if the US pulled its forces out immediately? If so, how?

Would the region be better off if the US pulled its forces out immediately? If so, how?
What a fucking MORON you are, shame for this country and any civilized society. So WHAT??? Destroying whole country and directly causing violence that cost 250k innocent lives -- SO WHAT.

Sometimes I wish something would hit your own backyard so you can see --SO WHAT! But then -- there are many innocent and sensible people living too close to you...