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Originally Posted by Kiwirobbie View Post
We can argue about this all day long, I believe that Bush snuck into the presidency on the back of dodgy deals and that the invasion of Iraq was a shame based on misinformation that the US cooked up, most of the people I know believe this as do a huge portion of the media, I'm not in the minority or a lone wolf pissing in the wind, give it a few years after the twit has gone and we'll probably know who was right and who wrong.

Relying on the crutch of, "it's what all my friends believe" is a sign of intellectual laziness. The question is, "Why do they believe it?" Is there any credible evidence to support the belief? If there is, you have failed to produce it.

Unfortunately you (like most around here) do not appreciate the difference between an argument and simple contradiction. This may help:

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