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Originally Posted by Kiwirobbie View Post
First up it should never have happened but that's in the past, now the US has to clean up the mess they created. I really don't care how many US servicemen have to die to do it, or how much it costs, you guys made the mess now fix it.

Germany and France were against the invasion, they didn't provide troops, they didn't believe Bush's fabricated evidence they saw it for what it was a pointless war based on nothing. Howard was so far up Bush's butt he would have done almost anything the US asked (just like Tony), Rudd is completely different and I believe there will be a complete Australian pullout in the very near future. As for Poland they wanted to join NATO and want US military hardware and financial investment, it looked good for them to get involved, as for Israel they have an anti muslim/arab adjenda so will support any action against muslims/arabs plus they also have there nice large multi-billion dollar handout each year courtsey of the US taxpayer so they mostly follow the US lead.
If you are saying that Saddam should never have been allowed to deceive us and everyone else then i agree with you.

No one fabricated any evidence. Data may have been analyzed incorrectly but that does not equate with fabrication. If you believe the evidence was fabricated, you must believe that it was President Clinton who fabricated it. The evidence used in 1998 for Desert Fox was essentially the same as that which was used in 2002.

Whether France or Germany sent troops is a separate issue than whether their intelligence services believed that Iraq retained chemical and biological stockpiles. In fact a large portion of the evidence that was used came from German intelligence. If you take a look at UN Security Council Resolution 1441, you will see that it held that Iraq was in material breach of its obligations and that it was passed unanimously. France, Russia, China, (and Norway) voted for this resolution.

The debate was not about whether or not Iraq was in breach but what should be done about it. If I wanted to question the motives of world leaders as you do, I could argue that Germany, France, Russia, et al did not want to enforce the resolutions against Iraq because they were getting rich through the corruption of the Oil for Food program but I believe they acted in a way that they believed was in the best interest of their nation.

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