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Soooo, I went to the Swap Shop Today...

For those of you who dont live in Florida, the swap shop is this huuuugee grossss place in ft.lauderdale.Its a flea market but its huuge. anyway, the dude that owns it is rich. i knew he was rich, cause he has this huuge house right by my exgirlfriend, BUT i didnt know he was THIS rich....
Walking through the indoor part of the flea, i get to the food court, and in the middle, fenced in is 5 ferrari's. an fxx, an f50 or something, and like 3 other waaaaay rare, but much older looking ferraris. keep in mind. this isnt a car show, this isnt a bunch of people talking pictures. its a bunch of people eating, having nooo idea right next to them are these incredible cars..
sooo, keep walking, and i get to the end of the mall, and its like his own personal garage. literally.
ford gt, right next to porsche gt, right next to an enzo (i later found out this guy was the firsst guy in florida to have an enzo) right next to 5 other ferraris, including a 360 and some older ones. a mcclaren SLR benz g55 pt cruiser? ducati something Z06 and like 7 other cars. it was seriously ridiculous. i was flipping out.
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