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Originally Posted by FirstClass View Post
Not really, do tell. I'm waiting with baited breath. Bush didn't force anyone to vote for the war, they made the decision.

The federal government shouldn't be spending a dime on anyone's education, that's a state issue. (FAFSA loans and college things aside since they're generally interstate institutions)

They got Capone on tax evasion. Does that make him any less of a mobster and all around bad guy? Does it mean he did nothing else illegal?

As for the rest of that response, my only response is this: /facepalm Not even worth responding to.
Again, the GOv't is not responsible (according to your little brain) for education, but they bail the banks???
WHy do I get the Fed Ed tax break for my kids, but not the Steat tax break??? I suggest you re-read the rules before posting the BS..., what an empty, robotic and dumb response.

As for Bush forcing someone...of course not directly -- he simply said Either with me or you're an enemy. We have seen what he tried to do to France and Germany after not kissing his ass, but the World was much smarter...

Of course, you could not answer the most obvious and important comments above...
Maybe you should wait a few years, grow up and let your brain form its own opinions...then come back to this discussion?