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Originally Posted by FirstClass View Post
dictatorship - noun
1. A government in which a single leader or party exercises absolute control over all citizens and every aspect of their lives

Right you are, total dictatorship. That would explain why there is no single leader with total control and the government is split between multiple parties

Yes I do. They were part of the state of the union address in 2001 - 9 days after September 11th and were in no way referring to Iraq. He doesn't even mention Iraq in that speech except for a single reference to the first Persian Gulf War. As for unpatriotic same argument. If you didn't think we should go after Al'Qaeda in their place of residence in Afghanistan after they attacked us then you sure as hell were unpatriotic.

Saddam was executed based on charges of him ordering the executions of 148 people. Bush has done nothing criminally wrong internationally or otherwise, let alone ordering executions.

You'd be amazed how long Congress can hold up/delay a bill in both houses when it wants to. Hell a single person can do it even.

The reason was self-defense which is authorized under international law. And it wasn't only the United States self defense. The UK was pretty keen that Saddam wouldn't get/keep any WMD's either.

Hindsight is always 20/20. Did we fuck up? Probably. Did we do follow what we thought was the best course of action at the time? Absolutely.
1) You and ganeil are great of litteral translation and finding useless links. However, both of you fail to use reasoning... You know very well what I meant by the dictatorship.

2) Axis of evil --
Two of them now have the WMD (Nukes) and we cannot touch them. Is Iran less of a threat today than in 2000? I would not think so...

2a) Afghanistan is a COMPLETELY different thing from Iraq -- their Gov't clearly supported Al Qaeda, Iraqi clearly did not. However, what we did in Afghanistan was completely insane -- we got rid of (most) of Al Qaeda and Taliban, then we gave up before finishing -- all lives lost in there and money and efforts spent -- clearly wasted...

3) SH was executed for responsibility over 148 murders. Yet, Bush told us over the years the numbers of hundreds of thousands. We could not prove that? It is easily proven that Bush's responsibility in Iraq is for way more than 148 innocent.

4) Your last comment is immature and selfish. Did we fck up -- yes, so what? I cannot comprehend how is it possible to approach country's total distruction and hundreds of thousands dead just like that. Someone HAS to be responsible for that...and also for over a trillion $$$ wasted instead of investing in my child's education and healthcare, and much more...