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Originally Posted by FirstClass View Post
Purely the dictators decision and not the will of the people? Then perhaps you can explain the supermajority that passed the bill in both houses of Congress? Even if Bush had vetoed the bill for the use of force in Iraq it would have still passed based on vote tallies.
Are you serious???
DO you only see 2 days around the present???
Bush clearly used the events of 9/11 to influence/alter the decisions of many. Do you remember the words -- "you're either with me or the enemy"? Do you remember that everyone that disagreed with him was marked as unpatriotic? Do you remember all the (empty) abuse of the Level of Threat whenever Bush's proposal was in question? Those are all traits of a dictatorship, FYI, but you have some growing up to do before understanding...

The congress was rushed into making decision clearly.

The bottom line is -- we invaded a sovereign country without the UN approval, many are dead, the infrastructure is gone, for ABSOLUTELY no clear reason (proven). It was proven SH regime had nothing to do with AlQaeda, there were no WMD, absolutely nothing -- just Bush's personal wishes...a clear International Crime act and someone should be responsible.

In the past, WE organized to bring the leaders up and executed them (ex. SH, Milosevic...), therefore, the same should be applied now.