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Originally Posted by rai View Post
thanks for the review..

How do you prevent the auto-mode from giving you 6K+ revs? It would seem hard to figure without knowing what is going to happen when it kicks-down and to what gear it will give you.

Do you enjoy the car more with auto or manual mode? It seems like even the auto mode has a fun side with the more aggressive settings.
Well, it depends on the settings. In the auto modes, the car likes to go to 7th gear and it gets there seamlessly and quickly. In the more aggresive modes you have to be more careful as it will downshift very quickly with little depression on the accelerator. When it does this, if you feather the pedal lightly, it will upshift again and lower the revs. In the least aggressive mode, WOT only drops you down to 6th...maybe 5th. So, during break in, D2-D3 is probably the safest mode to keep you under the 5500 rev limit.

If I want to be involved and run it up to 5500 on every shift than manual mode is great for this. It's very addicting listening to the throttle blips on that V8 during downshifts in this mode. If I'm just cruising around, than auto is perfect for this. You don't get as much throttle bliping and downshifting as you decelerate in the auto mode. It's not until you depress the accelerator that you notice it. If you are in auto mode and are coming up to a red will stay in 7th gear and not downshift until you are stopped or coming to a stop. But as soon as you touch the gas...she's ready to rock.