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Originally Posted by OC kid View Post
Thanks guys...The 5 windows are 30% and the front is only 50%. 900 miles and counting...

I must admit ordering silver cubed sight unseen felt very risky...was it going to be too much? Were the silvers going to clash? Not a bit on both counts. Pictures do not truly show how well the Silver-Silver-Silver combo works. I couldn't be happier with the interior selection.

SSII fans, you will be very happy with this color!
Again, stunning. I am really leaning SSII lately but have a while to go. The silver must create a nice feel inside vs the all black option. My last bmw had silver interior though so I am thinking black. I would do the aluminum trim in a heart beat after seeing how good yours looks. When you have some extra time, we all would love some more interior pics.

Have fun cruising.

edit - Saw all the interior pics in the PS interior thread. Looks great and thanks for posting.

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