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Originally Posted by The_Blob View Post
Actually, I'm quite aware of viruses and spyware. I was actually a BETA tester for F-Prot in the early 90's. However, there are some new friggin' viruses and spyware that are so advanced that they can't be detected at all and F-Prot/F-Secure is aware that they are out there. I am just not taking chances.

FirstClass, I highly recommend downloading F-Secure Internet Security 2008 and run a complete scan on your system. It's the finest anti virus/spyware program ever made. They're made by the people who made F-Prot, and I highly recommend it. There is a high chance that it'll detect some virus or spyware on your system.

Let me tell you that I ran Adaware and Bazooka and they failed to detect many spyware on my Dad's laptop. F-Secure detected a lot that were missed by the Adaware and Bazooka.
How old are you?

And you do realize anti spy ware stuff is crap.. It can only spot known items and updates are slow to hit them. Most of the time you will be infected and its too late.

Buy a Mac, and dont download crap from sites you dont know.. One of the things I hate about windows is the fact that you can write programs to auto install without the users permission or knowledge, OS X that doesnt happen.