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Originally Posted by heezyo2o View Post
Thanks for the insight. I'm not the type to buy a heavy wheel, but something for the street and something lightweight or even the stocks for the track would be a decent combo.

Could you also comment on Volk wheels and how the compare. Thanks again.
As far as recommending a one-piece wheel you cannot go wrong with BBS, Volk, MORR or RAC. MORR and RAC are not as big as the BBS and Volk but I have not heard one bad thing in over two years that I know of them, they have decent prices and very good looking designs. As far as NEEZ goes the they are an overpriced wheel that almost nobody has so feedback from actual customers is almost non-existent and HRE Monoblok are a bit too new for me to recommend.

Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
That I can agree with wholeheartedly, as long as the monoforged wheel in question is optimized for your car. RAC, and a few others, do this for some BMW models. It's like buying a made-to-measure Zegna or Armani suit, vs. off-the rack. Quite a difference.
MonoForged is a trademark from MORR Corporation. You mean MonoBlock as in "One-Piece". And BTW 100% agree with you.

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If you guys are ever in San Diego, HRE offers factory tours from time to time. Seems like it would be something that would interest you guys.
I have some photos of the HRE assembling warehouse. I can post them later.

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I was under the impression that most if not all 1PC wheels are spun forged - is this not true? How can you tell if a 1PC is not spun forged? The APP web site for example indicates that theirs are spun
Yes, ALL 1pc wheels are flow-formed. I do not like the term "spun-forged" since it can be confused with other inferior manufacturing methods. As the COO from HRE explained spun-forged cannot be mistaken with rotary forging.

There are no true 1PC wheels for the AM that I know of. The cost per wheel is essentially the same but the tooling cost is extremely high. The quality, however, is unmatched.