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Originally Posted by heezyo2o View Post
HREs may be a bit overpriced, but much of the price is related to brand and design.

Crimson, how do you think Iforged, DPE and HRE compare with one another.
There are several things to consider. When you mention IForged, DPE and HRE I`d assume you are referring to their 3PC line of wheels.

Three-Piece Forged Construction:

- High Availability of widths and offsets.
- Low cost of replacement parts for repairs
- High availability of styles/designs

- Spun-forged rim halves
- Prone to cracking and bending.
- Vibration under heavy rain.
- Air leakage due to improper sealing.
- High cost due to labor.
- Heavier than one piece.
- Higher repair cost due to labor

One-Piece Forged Construction:

- Higher stiffness than 3PC
- Lighter and Stronger than 3PC
- Less Prone to mechanical failure
- Lower replacement cost

- High initial manufacturing cost
- Low width/offset availability
- Limited style availability

Like I said in a previous thread, the true advantages of a 3PC were back in the 70s-80s were you could track a wheel, bent a rim half and have it replaced by the next race. Labor was low since it was done in house and the replacement parts were not that expensive as well. Nowadays, you pay $1600 for a 3PC wheel and $900 to replace a rim half. Makes no sense to me.

I would not consider or recommend a 3PC wheel to anybody since the performance advantages are almost non-existent. Is a pure cosmetic upgrade unless is a TRUE 3PC wheel like a BBS or similar. Now, if I have to choose between one of the 3 I would definetly go with either DPE or HRE. I have heard nothing but air leakage issues, vibration issues and balancing issues from IForged. Although HRE or DPE are 3PC manufacturers the fact that I do not prefer them or recommend them or see them as a performance product does not mean that their products don't have a quality superiority over IForged and they would actually stand behind their products if they ever fail. Both, however, charge an excessively high fee but I`d rather pay a little more and not worry about having to replace my brand new set of wheels because they literally suck.

BTW, If you want a true performance wheel upgrade go with a one piece wheel. People buy 3PC wheels because of the looks and not performance.