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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
Thanks for the insights.

Edit: I question, though, after researching this a little more, whether any manufacturer CNCs wheels out of a solid block of alloy. Aren't all forged wheels produced from a forged blank that is the rough wheel shape? This blank may have the spokes forged as part of that process (net forged), or spokes machined later? Neither is superior; the former just wastes less material
There are three types of manufacturing, ALL involve CNC machining. There are wheels machined from an impressiun die-forged wheel blank, from a non-impressiun die-forged wheel blank and from a forged round block. The ones forged from a die-forged wheel blank whether impression or non-impression have very similar properties and as you mentioned the choice of manufacturing process is based on cost effectiveness. As of my experience an impression die-forged wheel cost about $100 LESS than a non-impression die-forged wheel. The non-impression will require additional material that is wasted (although recycleable) and will require additional machining time. An impression die-forged wheel requires less material and less machining, however, the high cost of the tooling will require a higher retail price. The ones forged from a round block are very inferior in quality since all the benefits of forging are virtually lost.