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Forged wheel companies

Originally Posted by crimsone90 View Post
When i`m not goofing around in bimmerpost I`m a mechanical engineering who is fascinated by automotive wheels construction and manufacturing processes. I've consulted to several of the largest wheel manufacturers in the US right now so I tend to know a little bit about the subject.

There are actually several wheel manufacturers that I`d put my money into but HRE and NEEZ are not one of them. They are both excessively overpriced and branding is not one of the reasons why I buy a product. I would look into RAC/Champion if my budget is between $3K-$4K or MORR if my budget is between $2K-$3K. I would also stay away from IForged.
Thanks for the insights.

Edit: I question, though, after researching this a little more, whether any manufacturer CNCs wheels out of a solid block of alloy. Aren't all forged wheels produced from a forged blank that is the rough wheel shape? This blank may have the spokes forged as part of that process (net forged), or spokes machined later? Neither is superior; the former just wastes less material

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