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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
It just seemed high to me. You're asking retail prices for a used set of wheels. I can get 10% off a set immediately from BMW since I'm a BMW CCA member and some BMW dealers sell at a 20 or 25% discount in the back of magazines like Roundel and Bimmer.

It's a free market economy and you're allowed to ask whatever you wish for your wheels and tire. It just seemed pretty high to me.

Hopefully you'll be able to get the price you're asking. Hell some dealers sold M3s at 20K over sticker, so there's some rich people out there that don't care what the cost is.

Good luck.
true you can get 10% of there list price. their cost on them are approx $650 their list is $745, that you can find out your self if needed I'm not trying to fool anyone. I'm just knocking off approx $300-$500 off list price not to mention sales tax and saving the 3 to 6 month wait. And if anyone can find a dealer like roundel or bimmer that can have you a set within the next 6 months then your probably better off going with them.

I understand the wanting to find things for a better price but again I just don't want to give them away. If fact if the 2 people that I have in line to buy them both drop out and I cant find someone else to buy for the price I am asking I would rather keep them for track tires cause all know track tires will probably cost me just as much.

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