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Unbiased Sale Prices and Numbers?

I ran an EBay report and got the following "completed" sales on 2008 M3s:

4 cars auctioned at $500 off MSRP - one sold for $500 off MSRP.
18 cars auctioned with a reserve at MSRP and did not sell.
1 car with $2000 off MSRP that did not sell (0 bids).

23 auctions completed on EBay and one sale at $500 off MSRP. Several auctions were bid on heavily but not close to MSRP.

On this site we have seen multiple posts on deals from $500 to $2500 off the MSRP but these are all hearsay and difficult to credit.

All dealerships in my area have M3s on the lot (1-3 per dealership and many for several weeks) at MSRP. I've verified that not all dealerships have all their inventory on the web so this backlog could be higher. I say backlog because the dealers I talked to early in March all said that they wouldn't have any cars sitting on the lot until mid April and in early March the price was MSRP. Since supply is exceeding expectations (as established by the dealers) the "real" price should be lower now. It's always hard to tell what the "real" price is with car buying because so much is based on how hard you lean on the dealers. Frankly, I hate the process. Regardless, I have to determine what the "real" price is.

Is there another unbiased (verifiable) source of sale prices that is available to the general public and that I didn't check? Is there a source of sales numbers to get a measure of how many of the cars are even selling in relation to the number of verified sales and the number of cars sitting around? If these cars are moving at MSRP then I'm good with that number but from what I can see MSRP might be above market (cars will not sell on EBay at MSRP) and supply is exceeding expectations.