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Originally Posted by CnoteMD View Post
I agree. Do your lease through I never purchase (or lease) a car without pre-arranged outside financing. This is the last opportunity for the dealer to boost their profit on the unprepared buyer.

Once they see that you have your own financing (or leasing), they have no choice but to either match your terms or accept your outside financing.

Years ago, I had a similar situation with a dealer. I wanted to lease the car and they were unwilling to significantly adjust the sales price or the lease terms. I went home, did the deal online and ended up coming back to the same dealer to pick up my car with $1000 off the price (they were only willing to take off $250), and much better lease terms.

Good advice....Something like that would make me say "FU, keep the car" and then go somewhere else to order one...homey don't play that!
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