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Originally Posted by Ilac91

I meant the new iBook which Armen52 said would be coming out with a intel based processor. We don't have any Apple stores up here and so we have to go though either Best Buy or Future Shop. They don't charge a restocking fee for returns.

For you PC users, what do you guys think about the Acer Travelmate 8200 series?

Oh I see...

Based on the recent rumors, word is that the new iBook (officially titled the "MacBook") will be available within 30-60 days. It apparently will also be an Intel Core Duo machine, with isight, frontrow, magcord, and photo booth. Also, it will be available in multiple colors, just like the iBooks that were released in 1998.

If you don't mind waiting, you actually might get more value out of this machine....

My $.02