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Originally Posted by mantis View Post
use leasecompare. i applied for one in 900's this morning, waiting for approval
Can you please post your terms. I take it you are either puting 4-5k down or the cars MSRP is in the low 60's please confirm.

Originally Posted by mantis View Post
btw guys. note that leasecompare's banks make u pay 500 to return the car. so u gotta pay attention to those little sneaky fees they put in there. just a heads up

BMW isn't much better. I need to pay a $350 fee at the end of the lease. If you do a 48 month lease and save 200 dollars a month with another company, you are saving $9600 over the term of the lease. With that kind of savings who cars if lease compare hits you with 1k of hidden fees. You still save $8600...