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Originally Posted by san~man View Post
You forgot deadlifts

BTW, you consider pullups and lunges mass builders? I always thought pullups were more for width and lunges for sweep rather than both being "mass builders."
Deadlifts are another mass builder, but I purposely left them out due to the fact many people (even experienced lifters) have improper form when doing this movement. Often times people lift the load with their low back which can very easily lead to serious injury. I would only do these under the supervision of a professional who has experience with deadlifts.

Pullups and lunges are definitely mass builders. Pullups work on the lats, scapulae, biceps, rear delts, and forearms. Changing grip on pullups is beneficial (wide, normal, narrow, hands opposite directions). Lunges are another multi-joint movement (ankle, knee, hip - same as squat) that can focus on either the glutes or quads depending upon how far you lunge out. Adductors (inner thigh) can also be targeted with a lateral (side) lunge. Lunges are also core intensive as you have to stabilize the weight with the upper body while keeping the chest upright.