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Originally Posted by jaaz View Post
The argument comes from you trying to make what is a matter of opinion, a matter of fact. It is your opinion that Forza has better physics and is the more realistic driving simulator. You are certainly entitled to that opinion, but simply having that opinion does not automatically make it a fact that can no longer be argued.

Indeed, most reviews that I have read on the PAL version of GT5: Prologue disagree with you. As 1stnewcar said, at the end of the day it's all personal preference.

If you have access to a PS3, rent it when it comes out on the 15th and give it a chance. I'd love to hear all opinions before I drop ~$350 on the game and the G25 wheel...
Ugh, that's my point, it's NOT opinion. It's fact that Forza tracks and takes into consideration MANY more variables to make the driving experience more realistic. I'm not discussing future games that have been hyped by game makers and fanboys, I'm talking what's on the table now. I very clearly said that GT5's physics remain to be seen. I'm sure that GT5 has very good physics, none of the GT games have had bad physics, but Forza has just had better, fact, not opinion.

This is the bar for GT to reach. A newcomer has come in and smacked them in the face and said "Hey, we can do this better than you.". Now we await the GT team's response. I certainly hope it's a good one, but until it's actually out, I'm not taking opinions from the game developers or people in Japan playing in. Let's be completely honest, the Japanese are the biggest Playstation fanboys in the world. They practically live their life to talk shit about the 360. OF COURSE they will say it's better, along with everything else with a Sony name on it.

And I'm not saying this as a fan of one or another. I don't do fanboy stuff, I just pick what is best or what I like most. With the graphics of GT5 I would LOVE for it to have physics that compare to Forza and damage added to it. I'd love to try it when it comes out.