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I agree with 1stnewcar. You guys do whatever you want. Like I said, the GT community has been incredibly defensive since Forza came out, and you guys are perfect examples. You guys continue to argue that GT5 will have better physics with one person's simple argument of "it feels different". If you'll notice I never even tried to make this an argument, I just said, Forza has better physics, GT has better graphics, which, until proven otherwise, is true. The GT guys get defensive and say "Well.... we have a 5th version of our game, not including all the little spin offs they did, and it's not even out yet, but it'll probably be better!". This is exactly what I've been saying. Forza has always been a more realistic driver, and GT has been a more realistic looker, maybe GT5 will change that, it remains to be seen. Until then, Forza games continue to have better physics. I'm not sure where the argument comes from.