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Originally Posted by 1stnewcar View Post
I've got both systems and both games - In my opinion - Forza2 is the better of the 2 as a car sim although GT5 looks better. This wasn't supposed to be GT vs Forza though - guess it was kind of bound to happen though - being a car forum and all.

I use professional physics and no aids on GT5 - it's still arcadey - I can run into another car with a closing speed of 60mph and nothing happens. My car doesn't get deflected - the "hit" cars don't either. It's just not "real" IMO. Yes I know we are discussing a game

GT5 is easy to play - you can just drive along the barriers (as if they are coated with silicone) at full tilt until the later races when penalties are introduced.
Originally Posted by TheAcAvenger View Post

Generally, the people who call GT unrealistic are the people that sit there driving an automatic with traction and stability left at a novice level wondering why the game is so easy.
Play both - Forza is the more realistic driving simulator. I've backed up my thoughts but funnily enough, I've not been quoted on them - I wonder why?

I'm no fanboy - I have both systems - I also have 2 PS2's, dreamcast, had a Wii - got rid of it.

At the end of the day - the conclusion is this is all personal preference. Arguing on the internet etc etc etc.