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Originally Posted by AJerman View Post
Haha, the funniest part is how no one has said "damage is what makes forza better" except for the people arguing for GT. I mentioned that it's something that's necessary for a driving sim, but I also mentioned a number of other things. I didn't use it as my argument. However, since the truth IS that Forza has far superior physics, you ignore that part and just reply to my comment about the damage. You can say whatever you want, but the bottom line is, GT 1-4 do not compare to the level of realism on the physics side of the game to Forza. Will GT5? Who knows, not you or I, we'll have to see. I tend to doubt it since that's what Forza 2 focused on rather than graphics which is what GT5 has focused on, but I'd love it if it was. And what does having driving assist lines have to do with anything? I'm not even sure what you're getting at with that.

You GT guys need to stop getting so defensive. I've never even said GT wasn't realistic. Sure, it's very realistic, but it's still not as realistic as Forza, and that's what some of us like. Perhaps it's realistic enough for you, and the graphics makes it the winner for you. Fine, then be happy with what you have. I'm not really even sure what the argument is since there really isn't one. Of the games released to date, Forza 2 is more realistic in it's driving, and GT is more realistic in it's graphics. The entire GT community has been incredibly defensive since Forza came out, and I think that's a great compliment to Forza.

Either way, they are two different games, on two different systems, play what you like and be happy with it. They are both incredible games.
But I DO know. That's my entire point. GT4 Prologue drove no differently from GT4, and i'm guessing that GT5 prologue will not drive any differently than GT5. And i've played GT5 prologue for at least 30 hours at this point. It feels vastly different from its predecessors.
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