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Originally Posted by TheAcAvenger View Post
I have a 360 and a PS3 and a Wii, and i've had the asian version of GT Prologue since late december. GT5 is leaps and bounds more realistic than GT3 or GT4. It's borderline revolutionary. To me, it could be a sole reason why the PS3 > 360. I like my 360 because of the way xbox live lends itself to shooters and multiplayer. However, with the big franchise Halo series wrapping up, i'm not sure how it's going to hold up to the combination of Metal Gear and GT. Let's not forget that GT3 has still outsold xbox and xbox 360 by itself and is still the best selling game outside of 2 mario's and a GTA. It will move a lot of consoles.

Comparing system to system, the blu-ray makes buying it a pretty big no brianer. I like my systems as game systems just about equally at this point. But with the halo frenzy being over, my natural bias after 10 years towards the PS controller, and seeing GTPrologue in 1080p, one is starting to really overtake the other. Throw in blu-ray, and it's kind of a closed case.

For the shooter fan or multiplayer fan, the 360 will always remain the answer, but maintaining that lead against the empires that are blu-ray and gran turismo will likely be biting off more than 360 can chew. It should be a much closer race than last gen though.

And while i'm over in offtopic.... people are using damage as an argument as to forza's superiority? Oh, and need for speed prostreet is better too, i'm guessing? Having lines on the road that tell you when to brake and which line to take make the game so much more realistic, I swear. I like forza. I like forza a lot. But forza's fanboyism is pretty ridiculous. I'll say that forza 1 was a more realistic game than GT4. However, it wasn't as deep or as polished. I'll give it the win because of its realism though. But forza 2 was NOT an upgrade from forza 1. For those of us who died waiting for it, it was actually a pretty big letdown. For those of us who've been playing GT5P for the past 3 months, we'll tell you that it is anything BUT a disappointment.

Generally, the people who call GT unrealistic are the people that sit there driving an automatic with traction and stability left at a novice level wondering why the game is so easy.
Haha, the funniest part is how no one has said "damage is what makes forza better" except for the people arguing for GT. I mentioned that it's something that's necessary for a driving sim, but I also mentioned a number of other things. I didn't use it as my argument. However, since the truth IS that Forza has far superior physics, you ignore that part and just reply to my comment about the damage. You can say whatever you want, but the bottom line is, GT 1-4 do not compare to the level of realism on the physics side of the game to Forza. Will GT5? Who knows, not you or I, we'll have to see. I tend to doubt it since that's what Forza 2 focused on rather than graphics which is what GT5 has focused on, but I'd love it if it was. And what does having driving assist lines have to do with anything? I'm not even sure what you're getting at with that.

You GT guys need to stop getting so defensive. I've never even said GT wasn't realistic. Sure, it's very realistic, but it's still not as realistic as Forza, and that's what some of us like. Perhaps it's realistic enough for you, and the graphics makes it the winner for you. Fine, then be happy with what you have. I'm not really even sure what the argument is since there really isn't one. Of the games released to date, Forza 2 is more realistic in it's driving, and GT is more realistic in it's graphics. The entire GT community has been incredibly defensive since Forza came out, and I think that's a great compliment to Forza.

Either way, they are two different games, on two different systems, play what you like and be happy with it. They are both incredible games.