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Originally Posted by krnshinsa View Post
I'm bulking right now and i take ZMA (magnesium/zinc) which helps your muscles recover faster because lifters usually need more when lifting. A multivitamin i just bought at a local vitamin shop. Fish oil cap's. Cytogainer which helps with my bulking a lot because its like 900 calories mixed with milk. And whey protein for my post workouts.

No need to take crazy sh!t just eat big and lift big. Then when you built enough desired mass do a 12 week cut and so forth. But one thing about bulking is that you will gain at least some amount of fat in gaining mass. You mentioned becoming defined and thats where cutting comes in.

I research the topic alot so feel free to ask me stuff.
Don't forget to mention that Cytogainer has Creatine in it. Some people want to stay away from creatine. But if you're taking an NO product then you're more than likely taking creatine too.

I've heard a 50/50 mix on No-Xplode. I'd give it a try. But like K said, you need a good diet as well.

Anyway, you've posted up some good info.

From my own research, whey shake in the morning with breakfast, protein shake during the day, whey shake during/post work out, protein shake before bed. The ones before bed need stuff like caesin since they absorb slowly.

I don't take them that much, but I've found myself being a lot more awake taking the whey in the morning with breakfast. Then another whey pwo. I'm about to incorporate whey with a caesin protein to see what comes of it. I've been craving muscle milk lately, so I'll probably go with that for another round. Haven't had it in a while.