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Originally Posted by White08M3 View Post
Try Haladrol-50 you might die but youll get huge

but for real its good stuff. i took it once before they have it in vitamin shoppe...the liquid gels arent as strong, but they dont make the solid tabs anymore.
haha i'm not trying to get huge! i just walk to bulk up a bit more and get alot more defined. i've already improved alot working out about 5 days a week and taking whey protein but the process is slow.

Originally Posted by howardpro View Post
I've tried basically all supplements, and NO-Explode is the best by far. All of the Gaspari products make me bloated. Cellmass may work, but it didnt work very well for me.

I swear by NO-Explode. You should put on at least 5-7 pounds within a month. Just drink lots of water and train hard.

Then again, every body is different, but there's probably a reason why NO-Exlode is so popular.....
good to hear. should i take it with whey protein (after my work out) too or is it fine by itself?
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