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Originally Posted by Seth_Horwitz View Post
Some crooks have gone a lot more Low Tech than the old "wire me money in good faith, etc." and have gotten a lot more dangerous. It's not uncommon to get a great deal on a car on CraigsList or the like, and have the guy tell you to meet him with a certified check, and $1,000 in cash because he accidentally scuffed the bumper last night and you can negotiate on the cost to fix it once you get there. (He doesn't want to scam you.) Then you show up and it's just an old fashioned robbery of your cash. There are other thieves who are even less clever who do "cash only" deals. Again, you show up and get a gun in your chest instead of the keys to a car. There is no easier way to get someone to come and meet you, to get robbed, than offering them a great deal on a car with some cash involved. This sounds like paranoia, but run a Google news search. My friend saw a picture of his own, custom, 911 Turbo listed for sale on Craigslist with his VIN and everything. Someone stole the info from an online registry and, let's just say, didn't have the best intentions for the would-be buyer. This happens more and more. Don't live in a hole, but use your head when going to meet a complete stranger for a large dollar business deal.
With a slowing economy cats do become desperate, thereby becoming more creative with their BS scams. Its private selling scammers like this dude on Autotrader that draw more and more people to dealerships when it comes time to look for a ride. Ironically, dealerships just rob you the legal way...