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Originally Posted by Desert Rat View Post
Many here have asked for BMWNA to step in. The problem with that is the dealerships have franchise agreements that are lengthy and protect the dealership more than BMWNA. The dealerships are a independent business and the manufacturer has no control over day to day operations. There are disagreements on a daily basis between customers and businesses, more so in automotive related that others but still few, if any, business around the world are able to please every customer every day. One can not reasonably expect corporate headquarters to step in every time there is a dispute.

This problem was worked out between the parties in a reasonable time frame, so what do you want BMWNA to do?
BMWNA needs to get involved here, at least to say they don't condone these shenanigans.
Other manufacturers do step in when the dealer is clearly wrong. I once owned an Eagle Vision that needed a new transmission. I thought it should be covered by the warranty, but the dealer refused to do anything unless I paid $4000. I phoned Chrysler and two days later the stuff hit the fan. Chrysler informed me that a new transmission was on its way and the dealer had been instructed to install it at no charge. They even refunded $450 for air conditioning repairs that I had been improperly charged for. My next vehicle was also a Chrysler product - purchased from a different dealer.