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Originally Posted by gbb357 View Post
Most forums especially IS and Lexus forums have very positive and nice things to say about the M3 and BMW in general. And why not. It's idiot fanboys and morons like sayemthree that gives BMW a bad rep.
Agreed with Gbb357, I also own an Is300 and am taking delivery of my m3 in April. It's not because my Is was a bad car it's very good at what it does but I was looking for a much more involving car. This applies to the ISF yes it is in the same performance segment as the M3 but it is suited to a different driver. Honestly I feel a true performance car should only be driven with a manual and other will disagree. That's why there are many types of cars to choose from. I have been following the development of the ISF and actually have been very interested in it also. It is a good car but not for me.
Sayemthree, trust me I understand your enthusiasm for the M3, but I do not discredit any other car maker for an attempt at the m3's market. Competition honestly improves our cars. The more they step up the more bmw does and that only improves the car.