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Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post
ok - so its louder. who cares.

apperently May CandD test is out and the F gets OWNED by the M3 Sedan 6MT whcih hit 60 mph in 4.1 sec. Think of what a DCT Coupe will do? 4.0? 3.9?

who would expect to to find much love for a Toyota here on a M3Post?
Don't care to get love from you, and i'm not necessarily defending Toyota, i just don't like stupid uneducated idiots like you posting nonsense. Get your information straight before you post, you're only making yourself looking like a bigger moron than you already are. For your info, C&D from the begining got 4.2 seconds before with the ISF. We're not talking about how much quicker the M3 is, we all know they're evenly match on the straights except for you. The M3's strengths really showed when it beat the ISF 4 seconds on a track course from that Japanese video.

P.S. My point is, it isn't quiet you moron, it is pretty loud during WOT.