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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Thanks! I see that you went with the 911S? Congrats on that! Still going to pick up the GTR as well?
Yes, to the 911S. Used if optioned and priced right. New (FL) if not.

I will be cancelling my GT-R. I found it to be very cheap looking (We went to NYC and stopped in at the auto show.) and not what I want in a sports car, no matter how fast it is. I am trying to resist the urge to order a 2009 (FL) 997 turbo. I may get a 2009 M, but I will have to see how the 911 works out first. I do not want to trade my 335 yet and want to see how the DCT thing plays out.

I can not wait to hear more about your car. She looks sweet!