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Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post
hey you are right - BMW has tested their cars on the race track and the autobahn since the 1930's. thats a lot of experience. now Lexus wants to challenge BMW and started doing the same about 70 years later. the point is BMW has a big head start, thats called history and heritage to some.

the quote about engineers going to work is recognized as an anology to some. post war Japan developed with the train as its main transportation and small micro cars in the cities. Germany developed based on the long, flat , sweeping autobahn with no speed limits.
Really! You keep pointing out the obvious. Who ever said that BMW did not have more experience and a big huge advantage. And obviously Lexus and other competition has a lot of catching up to do. Exactly what is your point or do you even have one. Your analogy does not make any sense since the cars we're talking about are tested in race tracks anyway. What does it matter if the engineers take the train or the "autobahn". And the autobahn is all straight high speed, yet you made this stupid comment. "if all you care about is going fast in a straight line...". Just like BMW started from scratch and did'nt have any history or heritage, Lexus is doing the same thing. Why is that a problem to you that Lexus or other competition is challenging BMW? Do you have personal issues, insecurities?