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While I will agree that all relevant points of view should be engaged, your rant regarding an e-mail received and decision to publicly post an IP address is in extremely poor taste. The tone and font selection certainly didn't help your grievance. There are 2 points I'd also like to make you privy to.

The first is as follows. Though this forum resides within a public webspace, participation within the forums requires actively agreeing to a TOS, and actively creating a profile. Though the site owners chose not to charge for this, the registration requirements make this a private forum.

Again, posting your e-mail, web site address, and the like may expose you to potentially unflattering, though legal, responses. It is the computer that binds all here - unless an alternative means of contact is offered outside of this realm.

Again, while I don't agree with anyone acting in a juvenile way, public postings of private information isn't the proper way to express one's displeasure.

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I'm in the car business, I respect and help fellow dealers. I entered this forum after one of my dealers brought it to my attention. At no point during my 14 postings did I personally attack or harass anyone. Sorry if my font was too big.
This public forum, eventhough opened by Dooma, should reflect ALL opinions.
If you have a problem with my point of view please email me at so we can talk, and please, don't hide behind your computer.