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If you do the bumper, hood, fenders, mirrors etc... shouldn't it be called clear suit instead of bra

I think the damage comes from :

1. traffic in front of you lifting up little rocks on the road.
But that is only if they lift up rock chip. Heavy vehicle are the worst to be behind because their tires apply considerable pressure to the road lifting up and throwing even larger stones that can crack your windshield.

2. self inflicated. Damage areas will be on the lower sides and behind the rear wheels and rear fender.

It's easy to set up a formula for pebbles damage :
damage = speed ^ 2 * average stone mass * quantity of stones on the road
however if the stones are big enough they will not get lifted

The worst are dirt road if you go only 5 mph you can already do paint chip damages. Next is being behind one truck that just drove out of a construction site you might as well stop if they merge in traffic in front of you. Then are all the little truck they don't even have the dangling plastic paddles that are specifically for that. that should be the law. If you are racing someone else on a track and the track is less than perfectly clean. Finally we can't underestimate the wind the master of erosion.

But seriously $1990 for 2 guys in one hour These guys can each virtually buy a new M3 every two weeks time if fully booked. Unless they have some expensive insurance that coves them in their line of work ( I bet they don't) I don't see how that can be justified.

BTW is the clear bra removable - say if after many years it peels or gets cut at some places - without damaging the clear coating on the paint ?

and what is the drag coefficient of the clear bra compared to the painted metal ?

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