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Originally Posted by Triple-Net-Automotive View Post
I'm in the car business, I respect and help fellow dealers. I entered this forum after one of my dealers brought it to my attention. At no point during my 14 postings did I personally attack or harass anyone. Sorry if my font was too big.
This public forum, eventhough opened by Dooma, should reflect ALL opinions.
If you have a problem with my point of view please email me at so we can talk, and please, don't hide behind your computer.

Why hasnt anyone called him out for what he is? A troll just plastering his website up to get hits.

Plain and simple the site is garbage, it looks like it was slapped together AFTER this thing broke out and it looks to me as if this man is just trying to ride the site hit wave so be it.

It may not be my position (ok its not) but this acct should be closed for trolling IMHO.

BTW im glad to see that hopefully everything will be settled on monday, ive been away for 4 days and first thing i did when i got home was check this forum to see what was going on... 40 pages later im here lol