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Originally Posted by Triple-Net-Automotive View Post
If you have a problem with my point of view please email me at so we can talk, and please, don't hide behind your computer.
Did you just post someone's IP address on a public forum?!

Dude. Bad bad bad. If I found out that a company did not keep my IP confidential, regardless of the circumstances, I would be fuming.

Do NOT post peoples IP addresses on public forums. Just don't.

I'm sorry to get all high and mighty, but if I were you 'd remove it from your post and PM all those that quoted it asking them to remove that part of the quote.

You keep credit card numbers confidential I assume? You should also keep IP addresses confidential.

The correct course of action would have been to just delete/ignore the silly person that decided to send you that message.

Getting back on topic, glad to hear it's all working out for you dooma. Really glad.