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Originally Posted by Triple-Net-Automotive View Post
I'm in the car business, I respect and help fellow dealers. I entered this forum after one of my dealers brought it to my attention. At no point during my 14 postings did I personally attack or harass anyone. Sorry if my font was too big.
This public forum, eventhough opened by Dooma, should reflect ALL opinions.
If you have a problem with my point of view please email me at so we can talk, and please, don't hide behind your computer.
You need to thicken your skin a bit. Do you bark at small children that make faces at you in the grocery store? Seriously, we all know you're here for the publicity. Have at it, but expect some unwanted attention WHEN YOU POST IN ALL CAPS IN A HUGE FONT WITH A CONTRASTING COLOR. No disrespect intended...just pointing out the simple fact that you're asking for it. I would expect that you'll likely be seeing a lot more of this sort of thing thanks to this little tirade.