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Originally Posted by Scott_J_Tepper View Post
(By "the conditions," I mean a sale price of $60,000 plus the stated fee of $399 and no restrictions.)
Okay, that answers the question I had in my mind about what the actual agreed deal was.

Perhaps, in reflection, the operators of the Board will realize that those photos and Youtube links should be taken down, as well as the avatars two posters here have taken from the Husker Auto Group website. Those photographs are the copyrighted property of Husker Auto Group. The same is true for the posts that contain defamatory material.
I run a blog that generates a decent number of hits, and I have attempted to be objective in my reporting and analysis of this situation (and suspended my updates on it on 3/26 to allow interested parties to resolve their dispute quietly).

Two of the images I used in my blog post contained a photograph of the car that is the copyrighted property of Husker Auto Group. I believe that my use of them as a reference for commentary is within the bounds of fair use laws. But in the interests of a peaceful resolution to this dispute, and since Scott has requested it here, I have removed those images from my blog and they are no longer available.

Good to know that both sides appear to be reaching a satisfactory conclusion.
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